Here’s a snippet from Mike Caulfield’s blog about a major university’s attempt to convert a traditional lecture into a MOOC.

Coursera, CC-NC, and OCW

“As far as I can tell, there’s not much in this course so far that wasn’t in the original OCW material. I’m a week and a half in, and basically there are the audio lectures that they added on top of the slides. That’s pretty much it.”

“Again, what does Coursera add here? Rocket science? Amazing educational insights? Stanford-level brilliance about about how to tap networked learning?

Nope: time-released OCW (I cant see next week’s materials yet), a set of cohort/peer tools, and an audio track for the slides. Given all we know about online education, it’s pretty odd that this is the game changer that threatens traditional education. But for various social, economic, and political reasons, it is. How very, very, weird.”

Sometimes I think Mike Caulfield and I share the same brain (he would occupy the big thinky part, I’d live in the smaller bit that likes to say ‘yeah, me too’ a lot) .