How do teachers, academics and trainers sort fads from functional tools? 

Ho do you know which “free apps will make your life easier and which are just smoke and mirrors? 

Well, that is what I do for living, and that’s what I can help you with.


About Me

TLDR version

I’ve done a lot in the Ed tech, training and professional development fields, from manager to teacher, and I’ve been doing it for a long time.  I’m not one of those “fake it till you make it” guys.

I was in the meeting in the 90’s where we discussed how the Australian Government Flexible Learning Framework would officially spell eLearning (ilearning, e-learning, Elearning).

Long version

Hi, I’m Cameron Nichol.  I’m the Learning Technology Specialist in the Monash University Business School.

I have been doing this learning and technology thing for a while, from early efforts in hospitals in the 90’s, through to grand, million dollar government projects in the the early 2000’s.  I’ve been a project manager, trainer, instructional designer, online content development manager , HR consultant, freelance eLearning consultant, Critical Care Nursing education coordinator and a professional development manager.   I’ve spent time in TAFE, hospitals,  the Victorian government Department of Education and the Department of Human Services, and now Monash University.  Along the way I’ve picked up 3 post graduate qualifications – Education, Instructional Design and Critical Care Nursing.  I’ve done more management, training and technology short courses than I care to remember.

I have been around long enough to see old unfashionable ideas get re-discovered and repackaged as the latest new thing.  I have been on the journey of struggling to convince people that technology was a viable and practical option in teaching, to now, sometimes talking people out of assuming that technology is the best option.

I can be a little opinionated, but that opinion is based on 25 years experience in a field that is only about 30 years old (a field that measures time in dog years).  This of course does not make that opinion correct (for proof see my comment on the future of the iPad).  In this field there is always more to know.

Hope you find it useful.

If you have any suggestions pass them along.

I also have a YouTube channel where I post How-To videos and recordings of some of my presentations